Visual Literacy is Wizardry

Can I just say the amount of time and money I would have saved on college level art classes if I had just watched What is Visual Literacy? instead is insane. I had always thrown around words like “texture”, “shape”, and “line” when describing art like I knew what I was talking about, but I was just pretending. But having someone visually take out all aspects in the same painting over and over to describe the different elements changed my life, and actually taught me something.

With this knowledge along with a few tips on how to be a better photographer, I tested my skills and took the picture above of my model Booger. I really wanted to encapsulate her beauty in a photograph and I think I accomplished that with my new skill set. Firstly, I took the picture outside and during daytime so I could have the best options for light. Next I wanted to create depth not only with color but with the lines in the background bringing the focus to Booger. She stands out with her dark coat and green eyes, but especially with the light background contrasting with her darker fur. I really enjoy the texture of the rug and the different variations of color in her fur. I’m so glad I got this picture of her in all her glory and superiority.

I know the picture of Booger is pretty, but she’s not gonna be making any huge impacts on the world. Bernice Abbott and the story of the Migrant Mother changed lives. It really put into perspective of how people react to tragedy. Words and numbers can have such little impact until you have something visual to actually relate and empathize with. How gruesome is it that we have to have something visual for there to be outrage? Maybe it’s just proof that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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