My First Daily Create

The first prompt that I experienced with daily create was to take a picture of something from your everyday view, post it, and add a description along with an Alt-tag. An Alt-tag is used to leave a description of a picture, so if someone who wasn’t capable of seeing the photo could still access the information of what the picture is.

I imagine this post was used to awaken us from our ignorance as seeing people and the things we take for granted everyday. (Which it does and it should). But I was already aware Twitter had features like this, and I was more impressed with the other accessibility features they offered. Especially for other vision, motion, or hearing needs.

It makes you realize the importance of acknowledging other peoples normal. Maybe there’s some kind of curse in being so fortunate it makes you blind with selfishness. Pretty heavy for a fun daily create, but that’s the thing about creating. You almost never know what you’ll end up with until it’s done.

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