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Yards are Evil

I was told to make a public service announcement on something that should be aware to the public, and I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about. This video by John Green has sat on my soul for the last ten years. In short, he discusses the amount of waste that goes into maintaining a turf grass yard and how pointless they are.

Source: YouTube

Why your Yard is Evil

It’s just the fact that 30%, nearly 4 million gallons, of drinking water in America is used to water turf grass everyday. The reason this is being done was back when the British decided to colonize the U.S. they brought their ideas of lawn maintenance with them. Because back in England where it rains constantly, maintaining level green grass was a very achievable goal.

But thanks to them we have this ridiculous status that people find necessary to uphold, that has brought turf grass to be the most common irrigated crop in the U.S. along with 70 million pounds of pesticide each year to go with. You might think, “grass is a plant that converts carbon dioxide to oxygen surely that’s good.” I guess, but there are much better plants out there who not only produce more they also feed you too. So all I can say is “front yards that just have grass are one of the many downfalls of the United States.”

How to Make Your Own Public Service Announcement

I had never used Video Editor before, but thankfully I found this video by Kevin Stratvert. This amazing man not only takes you step by step on editing a video, but also timestamped each step in the description. This way if you needed help on a certain step, but didn’t want to watch the entire video, you could look in the description to find the answer.

Source: Youtube

I used Pexels to download all the free video footage I used.

3 thoughts on “Yards are Evil

  1. Hey Brittany! You did a great job on this assignment and I really liked that you made it feel like a real PSA. The only thing I would change is the speed of some of the slide transitions as many of the text-to-text ones felt abrupt, but I think that is more to do with the editor used (I use the same one so I get it) than your ability. Keep up the great work!

  2. Brittany this was really well done. Your background music was perfect with the visuals and the whole feel was exactly what you were going for – a PSA. I also just had no idea that that much water was wasted a day on something so ridiculous. It’s a well done video with a good message. 10/10

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